Espoo/Helsinki, Finland - 29-30/01/09
A Multifaith Approach to Integration: the Role of Civic Education for Religious Communities and their Leaders: EU-wide conference.
    This is the final conference for the EU-funded pilot project “Integration: a Multifaith Approach” (IAMA), led by International Organization for Migration (IOM) Helsinki in cooperation with partners in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Latvia, and the United Kingdom. The conference will present the model developed and applied for the civic education of religious leaders as a tool for advancing integration, and foster discussions on how to replicate the model in other EU countries as a means of enhancing the inclusion and active participation of immigrants. For further information or to register, please contact:

    Mirkka Mattila (IAMA Project Coordinator)
    Telephone: +358-9-68 41 15 24
    Tobias van Treeck (IAMA Project Assistant)
    Telephone:+358-9-68 41 15 33